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Legal IT Support Services

IT Support

Legal IT Support With hosted desktop, staff access what are virtual desktops which look and act like a traditional pc. The difference being is that actually all the and data are securely located in state of the art data centers.

We can assist in delivering fully managed, private Cloud services. This means you can access all of your data and applications securely, anywhere at any time from any device.

This removes the need for hardware, software and data to be stored on your premises – thereby improving security and business continuity. Our cloud services are sometimes called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Hosted Desktop.

So why change?

Your staff and clients demand a robust and flexible IT system to enable them to be productive. Staff want to work from any device at any time and clients want to access your systems at a time to suit them. Your business must meet regulatory requirements and the business requires guaranteed IT performance levels. Ask yourself, if you do not change will your firm remain productive?

What is included?

Together with all the server hardware and Microsoft software your company requires, we also roll up our business continuity and managed support services into one per-user-per-month price. This means that your firm can rely on our Hosted Desktop Service to fulfil all your infrastructure needs.


We deliver our Hosted Desktop platform by efficiently packaging IBM hardware and VMware, Citrix and Microsoft software on our robust platform. We also include Sophos anti-virus and Symantec gateway spam and content filtering.


There is no capital outlay, reduced overheads, reduced management time and increased productivity, security, flexibility and resilience. The need for hardware  upgrades or software refreshes is removed enabling predictable forecasting. Our managed service based on strict service levels delivers improved up-time and staff productivity