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Lexcel Consultancy

We are different because we know exactly what you need and we know how to leverage the Lexcel process to give you just that.

You need to turn your legal practice into a legal business.  You need that business to serve your life rather than consume it.  You need your business to generate income, to make profit, to manage cash well and to accumulate equity so that when the time comes to get out, you can do so on your own terms.  You need to get control of your money, your employees, your marketing, your clients, your compliance, your suppliers, your management and your time.  You need to get back control of your firm.  You need to get your life back.

If that sounds like you, then let’s talk.

We won’t make doubtful claims; we’ll do much better than that.  We’ll make promises – in the form of measurable contractual guarantees – and we will deliver on them every single time.

Here is our first promise.  If you work with us and listen to us, we will show you how to turn your firm not into a first class legal practice (that’s your job) but into a well-managed, successful, orderly, business that predictably and consistently generates income, profit, cash flow and equity in considerably greater amount than your competitors.

The fact that we have chosen to use Lexcel as the vehicle for certain parts of this process is of marginal importance, it was just the sensible thing to do.  Seeking Lexcel for any other reason than the ones I suggest will simply create another layer of administrative nonsense which will weigh down upon you just like all those other things do.

Here is our second promise.  Ask to meet us.  Name the time and the place – tomorrow if you like and we will be there.  Schedule the meeting for one hour.  Listen to what we have to say.  If you don’t like us, send us a bill for your hourly rate and we will pay it within seven days and never bother you again.

You see, unlike every other Lexcel consultant you will speak to, we know that what we do works.  It works for us, it works for our hundreds of satisfied clients and it will work for you.

The Legal Procurement Group has established a national panel of Law Society accredited Lexcel consultants to assist firms of all sizes in attaining the Lexcel standard. Whether you are just considering the benefits of Lexcel, or you are almost ready for accreditation, we can assist your practice.

Due to the size of our membership we are delighted that we have been able to negotiate a new product available exclusively for our members: exclusive panel of Law Society Accredited consultants free one hour consultation reduced daily rates discounts on Assessment Centre fees if you have used our panel consultant national coverage by our panel of consultants.

Contact us at thechief1977@hotmail.com to register for a free consultation.

Achieving the Lexcel accreditation won’t be as time-consuming or costly as you might expect. There are many firms who already practice and operate to the required standard. Many others only have to make minimal changes in order to achieve the compliance standard and our Lexcel Consultants are on hand to take you across the line.

Some firms have embarked on achieving the Lexcel standards with the day to day operations o running a legal practice, have been put on hold. There if you are close to the standard or looking to begin the process of accreditation from a fresh, our Lexcel consultants will identify the best way to work with you and your practice.

The Lexcel accreditation service

Our approach is based around three core principles:

delivering your business goals – Lexcel is not an end in itself; it is a means to achieving one or more specific business goals. Our consultants understand this and focus on delivering the business goal(s) not just the quality mark

Avoiding bureaucracy – our consultants are not entrenched in the bureaucratic assessment culture, they understand that your priority is to increase your fees and reduce your costs. When they work with a firm their aim is always to reduce the administrative burden not to increase it

Focus on profitability – our consultants use Lexcel to bring about tangible and measurable improvements in risk management, business development, marketing, people management and client care and retention.

A flexible approach

The extent of our consultant’s involvement with your firm is entirely up to you. Some practices choose to use them extensively and others prefer to handle more of the work internally and use them in an advice and/or checking only capacity.

At the outset of any assignment they will seek to identify the most appropriate way to work with you. We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ service; we realise that every firm is unique and we endeavour to find a package that suits your budget and that utilises your in-house talent wherever possible.

Our Lexcel consultants will always provide you with a clear statement highlighting the areas which they will be responsible for and the areas that will be attended to internally. Where tasks are completed (in whole or in part) by you they can provide a checking and amending service only.

The Lexcel accreditation is a standard law should set to achieve and the likely hood is that you are already practicing on accordance with the guidelines. There why not get that seal of approval and proudly display and promote your practice has having that Lexcel accreditation!