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Energy Management - The Legal Procurement Group

Energy Management

It’s quite often the case that many businesses never get round to reviewing or assessing their gas and electricity providers – and they could be missing out!

There are potentially significant savings available to businesses for very little effort. The main issue at times is if there is more than one provider or meter then you could be dealing with multiple providers and even more frustrating, a variance in contract end dates!

This is where we can help, we can take over the management of your utility maintenance and it’s easy as following these few steps! –

  • TLet us know your contract end – We will then diarise that information onto a central system and advised you at the appropriate time to expect the renewal price
  • Send us your renewal price(s)! – This will then allow us to test the market to see what rates and savings we are potentially available.
  • Agree to any savings! – If we are able to source you better rates then it is just a case of accepting the pricing and we can then make arrangements for the relevant paperwork to be finalised.

The benefit of providing us with the renewal information allows you to be getting on with other things while being safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a date. Sometimes, if notice isn’t given to incumbent providers the accounts can roll into 2 or 3 year arrangements at prices that may not be that competitive. If you are instructing us to assist then even if we advise you to renew with your incumbent supplier at least you have had the opportunity to test the market.

Whilst utilities can be perceived as a necessary evil, they can still be easily an effectively managed – If you want to free up some time staying on top of constant fluctuations within the market get in touch and alongside our preferred supplier to the Oyez Buying Network we’ll see if we can help!