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Bottled Water - The Legal Procurement Group

Bottled Water

The plumbed-in water coolers provided by our supplier are great for office hydration – and can help you save money!

The range of plumbed-in water coolers features a variety of sizes and styles, suitable for any business, office or working environment with a mains water supply.

Whether you prefer a freestanding water dispenser, or a counter top cooler, we can offer everything from the robust and durable, to smart and sophisticated.

Plumbed-in water coolers take the water from your existing mains supply, and use an in-line carbon block water filter to transform mains water into freshly-chilled, pure, filtered drinking water. Quick and easy to install, a mains-fed water cooler will give you a constant supply of fresh, cool drinking water all year round.

Our supplliers offer fixed price packages, and you won’t have to pay for any additional running costs, water bottle deposits or water deliveries – saving you space, and money, in your office or business.

Using the mains for your cooler is also an environmentally-friendly option, which can assist with business water conservation, reduce your water consumption, and meet your own individual corporate environmental policies.

Try a plumbed-in water cooler now for FREE and there’s no obligation as part of the trial!

  • Yes Free 7-day trial, with no obligation!
  • Yes FREE delivery!
  • Yes Quick and easy installation!
  • Yes Save on business water rates!
  • Yes Environmentally-friendly way to reduce business water consumption!

Choose from an innovative range of drinking water machines and enjoy great customer service today!