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Aqua Tap - The Legal Procurement Group

It’s said that the average Briton spends 24 minutes a day making hot drinks at work and based on an average salary of £26,000, it means each worker costs £416 a year in lost productivity waiting for the kettle to boil!

Boiling water comes as standard, then it’s your preference. Upgrade to the boiling and ambient for the option of cold drinking water or if chilled water is a must, then the Aquatap boiling and chilled modular unit will deliver the ultimate drinking water experience.

Compact in design, and cool to the touch, the modern tap dispenser delivers 30 cups / 20 mugs* of boiling water at the touch of a button; with built-in dual safety controls to prevent accidental boiling water delivery.

Choice is everything, and the Aquatap certainly offers this. The dispensing can be located just where the user needs it – whether on an existing sink or on a counter top unit – simply by using the drip tray accessory.

You will see below some of the benefits –

  • Under counter design – maximizes counter top space
  • Boiling water safety switch – prevents accidental water dispensing
  • Integral electronic water conditioner – reduces scale
  • Modular construction – heater and chiller are two separate units
  • LED indicators – shows boiling water status
  • Filter accessory – choice to upgrade to filter
  • 30 cups / 20 mugs* of boiling water – immediate draw-off
  • 150 cups** chilled water – immediate draw-off
  • Two year warranty – with on-site parts and labour

The Aquatap can offer real savings against the use of kettles in kitchens…interested?…then let our preferred supplier to the network tell you more!