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Conveyancing Searches - The Legal Procurement Group

Conveyancing Searches

How a ‘Quote Referral System’ can potentially help you win business!

The Quotation and Referral System (QRS) is a key feature from our supplier partner for this service. It can be used internally as an enquiry handling, risk management and business development tool. Alternavitly it can also be used externally as a means to better connect with agents and brokers.

The CQS standard mandates a full audit trail for all conveyancing enquiries. QRS supports this requirement by capturing and tracking enquiries and quotations. The resultant data gives complete visibility over the speed, accuracy and thoroughness of enquiry handling – essential for any risk or quality assessment.

QRS provides management information and graphing tools to enable teams to more easily analyse their enquiry data. Users can view conversion rates of quotes (broken down by office or user), how long matters take to convert from enquiry to instruction and a detailed breakdown of reasons for non-conversion.

  • QRS generates accurate, branded conveyancing quotes in less than 60 seconds for over the phone or in person callers
  • Fully formatted PDFs can be emailed to caller instantly, with built-in ‘Click to Accept’ option to drive up acceptance rates
  • Management information on conversion rates and reasons for non-conversion
  • Embedded version can also be placed on law firm websites to allow for easy customer ‘self-service’
  • QRS can be extended to local estate agents, to build an informal panel and boost collaboration
  • You are in control; you set your fees and disbursements
  • Seamlessly integrated with our partners search ordering