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FAQ's - The Legal Procurement Group



Frequently Asked Question

On this page we have tried to read your mind! We have listed a number of pre empted questions that we think you would ask us giving the appropriate answers to each one. We hope they answer any questions you may have but if not feel free to contact us –

We’ll have the information about how you can receive savings on your desk within 10 days of receiving the copy invoices – as long as your diary permits!! Savings can be on your bottom line within 1 month of you signing our agreement.

No, not at all – We offer you the stability to be able to effectively budget. Where essential we will advise you to enter into contracts. If there is a particular market, like energy, which has typically been on the rise over recent years then we advise around the length of contacts which in turn will give you further security.

We would normally have options around our supplier, we would obviously put forward who we thought was the most suitable for your practice however if there is a certain supplier you want us to engage with then that’s fine. Alternatively, you don’t have to use our suppliers as mentioned we can independently review your current arrangements.

Simply select how you would like us to work for you and we can set up to project accordingly.

To formalize our commitment to you we would ask you to enter into an agreement with us. It also lays down the timelines for us to provide the information reports back to you. As the agreement will also set out our agreed payments terms it therefore protects the interests of both parties.

Yes of course we can, you may want to see how we perform therefore by selecting one or two areas to begin will allow us to show you what we can do as of course we are happy to help you where we can.

We have a separate page that gives an overview of how the fees can be structured and they are designed to suit you, click on the following links that will help answer those questions – Free Service + Fee Based Service

As you’ll see from our website if you would prefer to remain with your current providers then we don’t need to change them; we will simply benchmark existing arrangements with a view to improving efficiency whilst looking to remove any unnecessary overheads.

It will only delay the immediate implementation of any cost savings, but not a problem at all – We will take all your renewal information and ensure that you provide notice in good time to any suppliers that we agree to change. This will allow us to review the pricing against the then current market rates with a view to putting them in place at the end of your contract.

None, it’s quite likely that in time you may have switched suppliers yourself  so you will know that other than the actual change it’s seamless. We offer an excellent service; we ensure our suppliers do the same – Without the service support from our suppliers we are effectively hamstrung because if they couldn’t deliver what we offer then it would naturally have a negative impact on our pproportion There really shouldn’t be any concerns, we can assure you that they deliver solutions exactly as we propose.

We need copy invoices which we will gladly copy on your premises. In addition we will need any passwords or other access information that you have in place on accounts, typically mobile and landline ‘phone accounts’.

We aim to make the process as easy as possible and trust us ….it is! – We carry out an audit of your current pricing structures and buying patterns, we assess and compare. We have secured co-operative rates therefore by aggregating your expenditure with ours we are able to offer these rates – it’s simply economies of scale. And if we can’t save you any money, then of course there is no cost to you.

No our question to you is…….Why not give us a try!

Hopefully our website can give the assurance you require that we can help you. We do want to help, we genuinely think we can and we honestly believe that you will be happy with our results. The worst case scenario for you as one of our clients is that you will save money! And depending on how you structure the payment, it may not cost you a single penny! And if we don’t, then of course you are safe in the knowledge that you have competitive pricing currently in pace and the whole process has been gratis!