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Dx Savings - Is it possible to reduce these costs?

DX Savings – Is it possible to reduce costs?

DX Savings – Is it possible to reduce costs?

DX Savings – The top 5 Reason To Review Yor Account

  1. Has you DX account ever been independently reviewed

Going through a full review like, the type we offer at the Legal Procurement Group, is the only way to get an accurate assessment of the account. Simply ‘haggling’ to try and achieve DX savings without any of the corresponding information does not constitute a review as in many cases the DX will offer a small reduction to close the process with the client.

  1. There has been an obvious decrease in outgoing mail

(Royal Mail & DX) – In many cases the clients that we speak to during the process will express that they are experiencing a reduction in outgoing mail, this is the primary reasons for a reduction in your account to secure DX savings. This useful information as we are yet to see an account that hasn’t been fixed against the previous renewal or has actually been reduced.

  1. A change in work types

Due to the drop off in the likes of conveyancing this has had a significant impact on mailing volumes in law firms. Many of our members will have experienced this therefore if you are discussing a DX review with firms try and establish their particular work types.

  1. Staff restructuring –

In one of the worst economic climates and increasing competition, many firms are either closing down or going through unprecedented restructuring; the result of this means that the reduction of fee earners producing less mail volume, thus giving a mirrored reduction in the subscription charge.

  1. Or simply an ever increasing DX renewal charge –

If they believe that their mail volumes are consistent year–on–year, yet see their subscription charge increase year-on-year, this is strong indicator that the subscription may be oversubscribed. It is therefore prudent to ensure that the subscription charge accurately reflects the usage.


Instructing the Legal Procurement Group to review your account will, at the very least, reassure you that your accounts are accurately priced. It gives firms the ability to ‘reset’ the account should the account have been oversubscribed and in turn providing the client with the knowledge that moving forward, should the volumes remains the same, then there should be little movement in respect of an incremental subscription come renewal time.

So, to conclude and the answer the question…DX Savings, can they be achieved? Yes, we know based on our experience that if your account value is not in line with mailing volumes then there is a business that we can negotiate for you with a view to reducing your DX costs.


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