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About Us - The Legal Procurement Group

About Us

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Who We Are

We believe we offer our clients independent cost reduction management and have a proven track record in assisting businesses reduce costs in areas such as Stationery, Printed Stationery, Telecoms, System Maintenance, Utilities, DX Mail, Archiving, plus many more.

We have a saying ‘businesses should look after their cost’s before they HAVE to look after their costs! I suppose a bit like our health we shouldn’t wait until we need too to do so. As we all know the day to day office expenditure that businesses incur is something we cannot do without, and we all know at times it can be tedious, time consuming, and be put to one side when something else of more urgency drops on our desk!

The cost reduction management of these costs, as much as it practically can be, is always routinely monitored but it can be difficult to stay on top of contracts, contract end dates etc, not to mention supplier management as well as all the new cost savings initiatives that we are constantly be bombarded with in today’s market.

The Legal Procurement Group consists of a cost reduction team who have extensive knowledge in procurement, cost reduction services and general business cost management. We are ideally situated to assist your business in reviewing your postal expenditure with a view to achieving maximum efficiency.