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Cost Reduction

Welcome to the Legal Procurement Group website! The Procurement Solution to the Legal Sector

Having worked in the legal sector for many years our aim is to provide and combine cost reduction with quality suppliers and we believe we have achieved this with our cost reduction solutions.

With our strong network of suppliers and the wealth of experience associated with the group we believe you can benefit…whether it be a review of your stationery account or the potential for DX savings, we help you achieve your budgeting initiatives.

We are confident that with our expertise in cost reduction plus the preferential pricing structures we have secured place with our supply partners,  we can guarantee your business tangible savings.

This service requires very little input from you and your staff to achieve these results and we believe that it will be a worthwhile investment of your time for your business. On average the total amount of time required on this project would be 1 hour and in return we are confident we can provide not only savings but also elements of process efficiency.

The aim of our work with any organisation is to help release money back in that business by the procurement solutions we can offer. By instructing the team it’s quick and it’s easy for you to release that money again and in many businesses that can show itself as an increase in the bottom line profits.

The team at the Legal Procurement Group have consistently assisted firms stay on top of these overheads ensuring that service/products remain value for money. The cost reduction services that the team have to offer provides assurance to businesses that they are getting what would be considered a fair return on their expenditure. And with extensive knowledge of suppliers within the legal sector you can be assured we are partnered with the right people.

The cost reduction consultants at The Legal Procurement are ideally situated to assist your business in reviewing your office expenditure with a view to achieving maximum efficiency. Whether you are a sole practitioner or a large multi-site organisation spending time reviewing your expenditure and processes can be both daunting and time consuming. This is where the legal procurement group can help in you achieving both effective and efficient cost reduction solutions.

Sector Knowledge

There will be few teams, if any, within the UK legal sector that has worked with as many law firms as the team at Legal Procurement Group on cost reduction solutions. Having worked specifically within this sector for over 15 years we bring together a wealth of industry knowledge that we believe is unrivalled.


The team at the Legal Procurement Group have together over 20 years’ experience of working within the cost reduction arena. With this experience comes a real tangible knowledge of all things business cost reduction.  We will work on your behalf to ensure you receive cost reduction solutions specific to your business.


We aim to deliver and fulfil all you requirements – it really is as simple as that. Having worked within a legal practice for nearly 20 years one thing  we know is that customer service is paramount….it’s like no other sector. We represent you the client  at all times and above all, our desire to satisfy your requirements is paramount.

Supplier Management

We help suppliers improve how they work with client organisations, how they manage the communication and expectation flow, what ‘best practice’ looks like for a client buying goods and services, and how a supplier can help a client be a ‘customer of choice’. We review current processes and tools and align these with the best examples of how to maximise a client/supplier relationship.

Market Leading Suppliers

This business sector is all about the client and ensuring we partner our client with the right supplier. Having worked with dozens of suppliers for dozens of service areas one thing you get to understand over time are the good, the bad and let’s say..Ahem..the ugly. Our suppliers are vetted, proven and trusted – One of the real benefits to you the client of working with the Legal Procurement group on your cost reduction programme.

Contract Review and Management

With our experience we can offer a review of all the contracts clients you have in place. This allows us to highlight any risks and address areas where contracts have been overlooked, ensuring we identify, manage and mitigate risk and ensure a robust approach is taken to managing them. It’s quite often the case that real opportunites for redction in costs arise from these reviews and therefore a real valuble service for you the client.

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